Research projects

The discovery of this fictional protein X is a typical process through which research is undertaken.

This is a real research project that is underway at this Centre.

Research is not easy, there are many hurdles to overcome and results take a long time to generate. But ultimately blood or joint fluid samples that are donated by young people and the discoveries made from undertaking cutting edge scientific experiments on these samples may help lead to new tests and better treatments for patients with arthritis and other conditions. It’s not just about donating biological samples.

Donating time in filling in research questionnaires or having scans for other research projects is also an extremely generous gesture and can genuinely lead to new discoveries. We really want to make a difference and improve the life of young people with arthritis, lupus, myositis and other rheumatic problems.

On behalf of the Centre thank you to everyone who has helped and is helping with the research we are doing. 

You make a difference. 


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