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The Barbara Ansell National Network for Adolescent and young adult Rheumatology (BANNAR)

BANNAR is a group of interested and committed professionals across the UK working together to develop and oversee a national body of work relevant to adolescent and young adult rheumatology.
The BANNAR website is a source of information for researchers and health professionals about what’s going on nationally and the current relevant research projects with young people.
BANNAR is very keen to engage with anybody interested in driving forward research supporting young people so if you know of any doctors or researchers you are familiar with and that have helped you, tell them to get in touch with BANNAR for more support and potentially funding for research. Please contact Brenda Bell for further information (

Children’s Arthritis Trust (CAT)

A charity dedicated to raising awareness and offering funding to help children with JIA.

Has very kindly donated to the Centre and funded the Centres first research laboratory assistant.

Arthritis Research UK

Provides information for young people with JIA as well as info for parents and teachers.

The British Society of Paediatriac and Adolescent Rheumatology

The national body that paediatric rheumatologists are a member of and which has defined the national standards of care for JIA.

Lupus UK

Provides good information for young people with SLE.

Juvenile Dermomyositis at NRAS

For all our information on Juvenile idiopathic arthritis, what it is, how it’s managed and living with the condition.

Juvenile Dermomyositis Research Group

A website hosting the juvenile dermatomyositis research group. Provides GOOD information for patients with JDM and parents with FAQs.

Also provides the opportunity for patients / parents to inform the research agenda for JDM.

NHS website

The UK’s NHS website providing information on JIA with a brief summary of the different subytypes.

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