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Who to ask for help? Advice from John Ioannou:

Young people with JIA, lupus, myositis or other conditions often need advice for a wide range of different reasons. It can sometimes be difficult to know when something is urgent or not and it can be confusing to know who the right person is to contact. Most paediatric and adult rheumatology departments will have a specialist nurse who may act as a named contact for patients or carers.

If you have not been given a contact name and number to phone, ask your rheumatologist when you’re next in clinic if there is someone who you can call in case you have a question or aren’t feeling well. If you feel very unwell and no one is available within the hospital rheumatology department (e.g. it’s out of hours) then the best thing may be to contact your GP for advice, NHS 111 service or attend your local A+E department, ensuring you bring any copies of recent letters from the hospital and a list of all the medication you are taking.

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